Labels and Adhesives

Factors affecting Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

There are various factors affecting the label adhesives, such as adhesive types for diffrent application methods.

The factors affecting initial adhesion (strength of initial bond ) are:

1- Texture of the surface, a smooth surface will give better adhesion than textured surfaces.

2- Composition of the material, boxes made form recycled materials may contain substances such as oil.

3- Clean or dirty surface, dirt will keep the adhesive away from the surface.

4- Ambient temperature, low temperatures tend to make adhesives less tacky. Labels coated with acrylic adhesives will fall off if the temperature is low, and falling.

5- Type of adhesive*, rubber based, acrylic and solvent based adhesives** have different characteristics.

6- Curing Time ( The time from application to full bond strength), initial bond strength is low, curing time varies, but typical values are between 24 to 36 hours.

The factors affecting long term adhesion (strength of bond after several months) are:

1- Storage environment, direct contact with the elements will deteriorate the adhesive.

2- Time, the older the adhesive, the less strength it will exhibit. (Ideal strength is reached after 1 week, and under ideal conditions would last for +- 7 years)

3- Type of adhesive.


*An assessment should be made to establish the ideal adhesive for your requirements.

** Solvent based adhesives are hazardous, and may even be illegal in some countries.


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