Andtech Bag Printer


Label printer for printing on plastic Ziplock bags. 

The Andtech Bag printer conversion was developed for the pharmaceutical industry in order to print directly onto Stripform Ziplock bags, This innovation saves the customer time and money, because it is no longer necessary to print labels and then apply them onto the bags. 

The Ease of use of the Andtech -Bag Printer combined with the easy to use Bartender Label design and printing Package, Makes the Labeling of Stripform Zip-Lock bags a breeze. Printing up to two bags per second or more than 5000 bags per hour depending on the skill of the operator.

The combined use of the printer with Andtech-Bagform ribbons results in a high quality rub resistant image being placed directly onto the bag.

Label Printer

Label Printers

Label, Barcode printers for commercial and industrial applications.

Label or Barcode printers, supplied and serviced by Andtech Barcode systems. The company was formed in 1998 in response to the need for a quality service company in the label printer industry. Our experience and expertise on the popular brands of label printers gave our customers the confidence to require additional services from us as well.

In August of 2009, Andtech was appointed as a South African Distributor of TSC label printers. We welcomed this, as the quality and reliability of the brand is world class. In fact  TSC label printers is the only brand that carries a two year waranty on the printer, and a one year waranty on the printhead.

When the time comes for our customers to replace their label printers, we always recomend TSC. However, there are users who are familiar with other brands such as Argox, Datamax, Printronix, Zera and even Intermec, These customers often require the same brand. In these cases, we will supply as requested.

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