Falcon x3

Mobile Computers with built in barcode scanners.

At Andtech we specialise in the installation and maintenance of Mobile Pda's with built in barcode scanners. These Units are used mainly in Warehouses , Retail and Industrial environments for the control of stock.

We have small installation's of 1 mobile Pda in a warehouse of +- 800 square meters, and then we have very large installations of 200 Mobile pdas in a warehouses of +- 40,000 square meters.

In most cases, we integrate the scanners into the well known SAP susytem, We have also integrated the pda's into Windows and Linux based systems.

Cisco Aironet 1530 Series access point

Cisco Aironet 1530 Series access point.

Sleek, Innovative and Flexible Access Points

Customers want durable new access points with comprehensive features in an unobtrusive size. Cisco Aironet 1530 Series Outdoor Access Points incorporate a low-profile design that looks great, yet can withstand the most rugged outdoor conditions. 

D-Link 2690 access point

DAP-2690 Wireless N Simutaneous Dual-Band PoE Access Point

The DAP-2690 is a dual-band wireless access point, designed to enable businesses of any size to deploy wireless networks.

Enclosed in a rugged, plenum-rated metal chassis, the DAP-2690 complies with strict fire codes for placement in air passageways.

The Datalogic - Rhino PDA

The Datalogic Rhino Mobile Computer

Tailored for warehouse management, the Rhino™ increases productivity through reduced errors during receiving, put-away, picking and shipping activities. Addition of a hand held bar code scanner allows for quick data entry and location confirmation.


The Datalogic - Skorpio X3 PDA

Datalogic - Skorpio X3 Mobile Computer

The Datalogic Skorpio Mobile computer with buit in Barcode Scanner.

The Datalogic Skorpio X3 mobile computer is particularly suitable for mobile commerce solutions in the retail environment both on store shelves and in stock rooms. 


The Datalogic - Lynx PDA

The Datalogic Lynx Mobile Computer

The Datalogic Lynx Mobile Computer combines the latest technology in a pocketable and robust package. This state-of-the-art PDA features an 806 MHz processor with 256 MB RAM and 512 MB Flash, all delivered in the industry’s most appreciated ergonomic form factor. The Lynx PDA has handy LED’s to provide instant status on battery charging, good read indicator and keyboard state. It offers a vibrator for customizable alerts and an accelerometer to automatically orient the display.


The Datalogic - Memor PDA

The Datalogic Memor Mobile Computer

The Memor™ leverages industry standard operating systems, a large on board memory and a user accessible SD card slot to backup data and manage large databases.

The Memor captures  barcodes including GS1 DataBar™. A 2D imager enables a wide range of Linear, Stacked, 2D and direct part marked bar codes. Or a laser scanner offers Datalogic’s patented 'Green Spot' with good-read feedback for error proof reads of linear barcodes.

The Datalogic - Falcon X3 PDA

The Datalogic Falcon X3 Industrial Mobile Computer.

The Datalogic Falcon X3 Handheld mobile computer with a built in barcode scanner is ideal for use in warehouses and factories. The ability to Communicate over a windows based system using 802.11 a/b/g radio with seamless roaming allows computer applications to be executed where it is needed on production floor.

M3 Mobile Mm3 Gun

M3 Mobile Handheld Computers and Barcode Scanners.

Andtech Barcode Systems is the South African Distributor for M3-Mobile scanners / M3-Mobile Comuters. We have extensive experience in implimenting RF networks in SAP systems.

MM3 Mobile PDA


The MM3 Mobile Computer

The M3 Mobile MM3 Ultra-rugged light weight handheld mobile computer with built in Radio and barcode scanner is perfect for your data capture requirements, Be it in your warehouse or on your retail store floor.

Don't bring your products to the computer, take the computer to the products. 


Pragma Telnet Server

Pragmasys Telnet Server for Windows is an advanced, high-performance, and certified telnet server that lets you manage Windows computers and networks from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

The intuitive and easy to use, Pragmasys Telnet Server contains all of the functionality you need to efficiently access and use other systems.


Motorola MC9090 Series

Motorola MC9090 Mobile Computer:


Microsoft’s advanced mobile operating systems
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 increases interoperability with existing enterprise infrastructure, provides a familiar user interface and a flexible development environment, and supports many off-the-shelf business applications; Microsoft WinCE 6.0 provides a robust platform for custom application development 

Intermec CK3R

Intermec CK3R Mobile Computer


Optimize your operations into an efficient, automated, high-performing work environment with the CK3R, the mobile computer you can count on to keep your workers running productively at full speed to deliver enhanced workflow performance.