TSC introduces advanced industrial printer firmware that prints and verifies barcode readability in real time 

TSC has introduced advanced industrial printer firmware with a "read after print" feature that prints and verifies the readability of bar codes in real time.

With the release of firmware version V6.71, TSC industrial printers are able to interface with Datalogic’s DS2200 bar code scanner, via a serial port connection, to verify bar code readability. When the Datalogic bar code scanner is enabled using "SET VERIFIER ON", the printer will scan the bar code automatically as it is printed. 

If the bar code is unreadable, the printer will stop and display the following LCD message options: 

LCD message

Users can press the MENU button to delete the printing job, press the PAUSE button to ignore the label, or press the FEED button to re-print the label.

To support more scanners, TSC has introduced the scanner trigger command "VERIFYTRIGGER" with its V6.93.12 beta firmware upgrade (official release will be V6.92). 

For example, if the scanner trigger command is "[SYN] T [CR]", then the following two-line command can be added to the printing format to enable and trigger the selected bar code scanner. 



Please note that the good scan and bad scan output is configurable on most scanners. When a scanner obtains a good read, the user can configure the scanner to send the "‹STX›]‹CR›‹LF›" (4 bytes) message to the printer. When scanner fails to read the bar code, the scanner can be configured to transmit "‹STX›‹0x18›‹CR›‹LF›" (4 bytes) to the printer. 

For more information, see a brief demonstration of the firmware using TSC’s real-time “read after print” feature.

Or download the beta version of the firmware for testing with TSC’s TTP-2410M printers.