8th annual EMEA partner meeting in Barcelona draws big turnout

TSCs 8th annual EMEA Partner Meeting in Barcelona October 23-24 attracted resellers and distributors from throughout Europe and as far away as Israel and South Africa to discuss current business developments, review new and planned product releases, and learn more about the latest TSC product applications.

The attendees, which included resellers from Scandinavia, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Israel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, UK, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel and South Africa, were given a detailed management overview of recent business developments in EMEA and TSC worldwide.

The event also included a special awards ceremony for top-performing partners. Receiving special honors were 3 top-selling distributors, a VAR posting the highest sales growth, and three partners who were inducted into the "TSC Million Dollar Club."

TSC Partner Meeting Awards

"This was a good opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship with our partners and share with them the many wonderful results we’ve achieved together, while discussing our strategy for growing our business in the region," said Managing Director Ladislav Sloup.

New product overview 
The two-day event included a technical overview of TSC's newest products by Director of Application Engineer department Phil Liu. Phil, who was visiting from TSC's Taiwan headquarters, highlighted the features of the Alpha-4L and Alpha-3R linerless mobile printers, TSC's latest-generation MX240 industrial printer and the soon-to-be-released high-end TX200 desktop series.

Partners were later given an opportunity to inspect the latest MT model upgrade, including a new touch-panel feature, available on TSC's 4-, 6- and 8-inch-format industrial printers.

In addition, sales and technical representatives from Seagull Scientific reviewed the features of its latest BarTender labeling software, one of the world‘s leading design and print software solutions for labels, barcodes, cards and RFID tags. Later, a representative from CipherLab‘s office in Taiwan provided an overview of some of its innovative AIDC systems, including products ranging from hand-held scanners to terminals and mobile computers.

Application solutions
Partners also were given a first-hand look at some of the latest "smart" applications developed for TSC's thermal printers by partners in Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia and Lithuania. The innovative solutions included:

  • A wrap-around-label applicator
  • A scalable printer system that enables operators to enter variables using only a keyboard, eliminating the need for a PC or display 
  • Price tag applications 
  • A weight-scale application 
  • A print-and-apply solution 

Barcelona: a great meeting location
The event was not strictly business. Partners were able to enjoy a sightseeing bus tour of Barcelona, viewing many of its famous historic sites and city venues, including Montjuïc hill and its 17th century fortress, Gaudi’s Basilica de la Sagrada Familia and the famous FC Barcelona Football Stadium. The day was capped off with a festive dinner at a renowned seafood restaurant in the city's Olympic Port area.

"The conference gave everyone an opportunity to establish a constructive dialogue with each other and with members of TSC's management team, sales and technical support staff, and customer service and marketing departments," said TSC EMEA Marketing Manager Sabine Mayer.

"The event's success was further confimation that these annual get-togethers are not only a great forum for sharing ideas, but also lots of fun for our partners," Sabine said. "And, of course, Barcelona proved to be the perfect backdrop for our meeting, with many partners telling us how much they enjoyed the city and the meeting location."