Superior performance in the field – where it counts

Customers continue to praise TSC products for their ruggedness and reliability. TSC label printers have been deployed successfully around the world in dozens of critical applications – from patient identification, document control, warehouse management and assembly-line tracking, earning Top marks for field dependability.

The breadth of the TSC product line offers a host of options for a wide variety of tasks. Depending on the printer you choose, you can quickly and easily:

  • Manage raw material inventory to lower storage costs
  • Improve the tracking of parts and other assembly line materials
  • Track and manage assets to reduce losses, increase productivity and improve profits.
  • Manage merchandising and shelf-management operations to improve productivity and accuracy
  • Improve hospital-patient safety and the accuracy of prescription labeling
  • Provide secure work-area access and identification
  • Reduce lost items and lost time
  • Save time in ticket, concession and merchandise sales
  • Create customer loyalty cards, gift cards and employee ID badges

With TSC’s innovative Auto-ID solutions at your disposal, you can identify, track and manage the deployment of critical assets, improving business efficiency, boosting productivity and lowering operational costs. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a powerful set of solutions that assures dependable, defect-free performance in the field, while offering the best price-performance value in the marketplace.