New TSC Printer Management helps make
your printing job easier

TSC is pleased to introduce new TSC Printer Management (TPM).

1. Manage Multiple Devices
This is a plus version for an integrated tool, incorporating features that enable you to explore more than one printer's settings/status; change printers' settings; download graphics, fonts and firmware; create a printer bitmap font; and send additional commands to printers at the same time.

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2. Printer Groups
You can create a printer group by three conditions (IP, interface and model name). After selecting a group, it will list the specific conditions for printers only.
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3. Alert Function
This is used to monitor specific groups and specific printer status, and record them.
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4. User Management
This is used to add user ID and password for this tool to protect the settings, as well as giving permission for this user.
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5. Printer Manual Name
The "Manual Name" feature is used to give printers an alias, making it easier to identify a lot of different printers.
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6. Export/Import Profiles
Export/import all the settings to another computer.
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- See more at: http://www.tscprinters.com/cms/template/eNL/TSC_eNL_v23/new_diagnostic_utility.html#sthash.ChrslOLZ.dpuf