TSC joins SAP vendor program.

TSC Joins SAP® Printer Vendor Program, Introduces Compliant Printer Device Types for Use With SAP Applications

TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd. (TSC), a leading innovator in the design and manufacturing of thermal barcode printer technologies and developer of world class integration solutions, introduced new printer device types for SAP® applications and announced its participation in the SAP Printer Vendor program in July.

As a silver-level participant in the SAP Printer Vendor program, TSC developed device types that work with all TSC printers. These device types, which are available for download today from TSC, enable users to print documents from within their SAP applications. Supported printers include 203 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi resolution models, and the device types support both Unicode and non-Unicode label printing applications.

The device types were developed by TSC in compliance with the requirements defined in the SAP Printer Vendor program. With the device types, TSC customers can expect rapid integration of label printing into environments running SAP solutions.

Printer models now supported by the TSC device types include:

Desktop Printers:

  • TDP-225
  • TDP-225W
  • TDP-244
  • TDP-247, TDP-345
  • TTP-225, TTP-323
  • TA200, TA300
  • TTP-244 Plus
  • TTP-243 Pro, TTP-343 Pro, TTP-243E Pro
  • TTP-245C, TTP-343C, TTP-244CE
  • TTP-247, TTP-345

Industrial Printers:

  • ME240, ME340
  • TTP-2410M Pro, TTP-346M Pro, TTP-644M Pro, TTP-246M Pro, TTP-344M Pro
  • TTP-268M, TTP-366M
  • TTP-384M

Portable Printers:

  • Alpha-3R
  • Alpha-4L

For further information or to download the TSC printer device types, go to http://www.tscprinters.com/cms/theme/index-39.html.

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