T10 Label Rewinder

 T10 Label Rewinder.

The T10 external desktop label rewinder has an idler arm that can be positioned to rewind labels from either side of the label printer, depending on the user’s requirements, the T10 can rewind "inside or outside" label rolls.

Why wind up your labels by hand?

This stylish label rewinder can be placed in front of your label printer. The labels are then fed under the idler arm, and attached to a core on the rewinder. Switch on the label rewinder, and print your labels. Its that easy.

Now sit back and allow the label rewinder to do the work. 

Key Features: 

  • Can be used with most makes of label printers.
  •  Supports inside and outside label rewinding.
  •  Stylish appearance plus a rugged design for long term reliability
  •  Colored LED indicator provides rewinder operation status
  •  Support three Core Size: 25.2 mm, 40 mm and 76 mm
  • Core and coreless kits included.



  • Paper Width Max. 120 mm 
  • Rewind Speed Auto mode: 30 Cm P/S (max)
  • Fixed: Coreless 13 Cm P/S / 25mm  Roll: 16 Cm P/S
  • Label Roll Diameter Max. O.D. 203.2 mm 
  • Core Diameter Coreless
  • I.D. 25.2 - 25.6 mm
  • I.D. 37.4 - 38 & 40 - 40.6 mm
  • I.D. 76 - 76.6 mm

  • Label Roll Weight 5 Kg
  • Rewinding Label Inside / Label Outside
  • Motor Hybrid Motor
  • Power 100 - 240VAC 24W, 24V Adapter
  • Environment Storage: -20°C to 60°C 
  • Operation: 5°C to 40°C
  • Humidity  10 - 85% (non-condensing RH)

  • Agency Approvals  CE, FCC Class A
  • Dimension  Length: 349 mm
  • Height: 303 mm
  • Width: 180 mm
  • Weight  5 Kg, excluding consumables

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