Andtech Bag Printer

Label printer for printing on Stripform Ziplock bags.

The Andtech Bag printer conversion was developed for the pharmaceutical industry in order to print directly onto Stripform Ziplock bags, This innovation saves the customer time and money, because it is no longer necessary to print labels and then apply them onto the bags.

The Ease of use of the Andtech -Bag Printer combined with the easy to use Bartender Label design and printing Package, Makes the Labeling of Stripform Zip-Lock bags a breeze. Printing up to two bags per second or more than 5000 bags per hour depending on the skill of the operator.

The combined use of the printer with Andtech-Bagform ribbons results in a high quality rub resistant image being placed directly onto the bag.


A field-proven heavy-duty steel cabinet and a robust inner mechanism combine to ensure the incredible reliability of the Andtech Bag printer. Several technological advances mean better performance and functionality.

Customers’ benefits:

The Andtech Bag Printer is packed with features for the user, including:

● High speed printing leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

● Time-saving and minimal training due to fast and easy handling.

● Reduced downtime and increased productivity as a result of high reliability.

● Minimal repair and recovery costs, and maximized ROI during total life cycle perfect readability of labels &  barcodes due to built-in high quality print technology.

● Prints directly onto the bag, no label necessary.


Following Extensive research and development, Andtech reveals the all new Bag printer that uses less costly ribbons for creating long lasting, Non-Toxic and scuff resistant images directly onto Stripform Bags.