TSC introduces SATO SBPL printer emulation.

In a move to further improve its product line, TSC has released the first version of its SATO SBPL barcode printer language emulation. TSC also is able to provide the same fonts as those offered by SATO, thanks to the use of its Monotype® font engine.

Working on a recent contract, TSC replaced 50 SATO barcode printers with its TSC TTP-2410 M printers in what was the first implementation of the new emulation firmware. Several other contract wins in Asia have resulted since the emulation program’s introduction.

The SATO SBPL emulation represents the fourth major print language emulation TSC has released to its partners. Other emulations include the Datamax, Zebra and Eltron barcode programming languages.

"TSC recognizes that many current contracts often involve replacement printers," said Kevin Aie, CEO of TSCAA. "SATO emulation gives our partners another great sales tool that makes TSC printers even more appealing to end users who want to replace their existing printers. It’s another significant step forward for TSC and our partners."