XL-626 Barcode Scanner

XL-626Laser Barcode Scanner.

The xl-626 Barcode Scanner is a high performance hand held laser barcode scanner ideal for use in Retail stores and Warehouses.  This barcode scanner is the best value for money option. With its high scan rate, and error free barcode scanning ability, this scanner has proved to be reliable and easy to use. 

This scanner can take a beating, We do not recomend the willfull abuse of any equipment.

- Antiknock design : withstand 1.5M drops.
- Decode rate : 100 times/second.
- Error rate less than 1/5 million.
- Supporting the RS232,PS2 and USB interface.
- Service life of button reaches up to 50 million times.
- No auto detect.

Performance Parameters:

- Light Source: Visible Laser Diode 650nm.

- Scan Pattern: Single Scan.

- Scan Rate: 100 times/second.

- Scan Precision: 0.10mm(pcs0.9).

- Scan Width: 30mm @ scan window,220mm@200mm.

- Scan Depth of field: 0-250mm (0.33mm pos0.9).

- Decode Capability: EAN-8,EAN-13,UPC-A,UPC-E,Code39,Code128,EAN128.

- Tilt angle 30 degrees.

- Elevation Angle 65 degrees.

- Deflection Angle 55 degrees.

- Support Interface: RS232, PS2 and USB.

- Scan Mode: Manual.

Mechanical Parameters: 

- Size: L x W x H : 90mm x 70mm x 153mm.

- Weight: 128g.

- Material: ABS + PC.

- Cable: Standard 2M straight.

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