PM308 Premium wax Resin ribbon



PM308 Premium Wax / Resin Ribbon

Excellent Durability and Versatility our PM308 Premium wax / Resin Ribbon is one of the best quality thermal transfer Ribbons in the world.

Outstanding Versatility and Print Quality 


  • This wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon prints on a broad range of substrates, including both rough and smooth surfaces
  • Crisp character and line formation with dark solid fills
  • Stands up to rough handling, abrasion, and outdoor elements
  • Compatible print energy requirements, no energy adjustments
  • Anti-static formula and specially formulated backcoat protects the printhead

Recommended Stocks

  • Matte, semi-gloss, high gloss paper
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene

Recommended Applications:

  • Shipping Inventory.
  • Shelf Labeling.
  • Retail Tags. 
  • Logistics Product Labeling.
  • General Label Printing.
  • RFID.
  • Signage Flexible Packing.


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