Premium wax ribbon



Premium Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons

High quality Thermal transfer ribbon.

Excellent Durability and Versatility our premium wax  thermal transfer ribbon is one of the best quality Premium Wax Ribbons in the world. It prints highly durable images on all kinds of substrates. Fantastic on Semi-Gloss, thermal transfer and even some synthetic labels.

The ribbon comes witha back coating that protects your thermal printhead, In many cases extending printhead life in excess of 76,000 linear meters. 

All of our thermal transfer ribbons are RoHS and REACH compliant and have passed ISEGA testing. You can use our ribbons for any industry including food packaging.

Performance characteristics:


  • Excellent durability.
  • Excellent versatility.
  • Outstanding printing quality.
  • Low printing energy.
  • High speed printing 300mm/s.
  • Perfect rotated barcode printing at high speed.
  • Up to 60℃/140℉ heat resistance.
  • Superior back coating extends print life to 76000 Linear meters.

Recommended Substrates:

  • Coated & Uncoated Paper & Tags.
  • Polyethylene Polyolefin Polypropylene.
  • Flood Coated Paper Kimdura® Valeron®.
  • BOPP.

Recommended Applications:

  • Shipping Inventory.
  • Shelf Labeling.
  • Retail Tags. 
  • Logistics Product Labeling.
  • General Label Printing.
  • RFID.
  • Signage Flexible Packing.


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