Intermec PX4i Label printer

 Intermec PX4i Label printer.

Product Overview:
A member of the smartest bar code printer family on the market, the PX4i is flexible and programmable, enabling customers to optimize their printing operations, streamline deployment, and achieve quick return on investment.

Built to meet the needs of round-the-clock, mission-critical applications, the rugged PX4i delivers advanced connectivity and network protocols, ensuring peace-of-mind today and a reliable, scalable solution for the long haul.

The PX4i High Performance Printer is part of Intermec’s complete line of smart, strong and secure industrial printers.

The PX4i's smart design features support increased productivity in demanding environments. As a Smart Printer, it can host stand-alone applications, developed through Intermec Fingerprint programming language, which reduce errors and streamline operational processes.

Smart Printers can eliminate the PC and control other devices directly (such as scanners, scales, applicators), improving efficiency and decreasing infrastructure costs and complexity. 

The standard CompactFlash™ memory slot is complemented by new USB host and device support. Handy and PC-compatible, these memory technologies provide extra storage for Fingerprint programs, layouts, graphics*, fonts and firmware upgrades.


  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps.
  • RS-232, up to 115.2 kB/s.
  • Fingerprint/Direct Protocol: XON/XOFF, ENQ/ACK, DTR, RTS/CTS.
  • IPL: XON/XOFF, Intermec Std. Protocol.
  • USB 2.0.


  • Parallel IEEE 1284.
  • Industrial Interface (8 digital in/out, 4 analog relays, 1 RS232/422/485 port).
  • Dual Serial ports RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and 20mA Current Loop, Applicator Interface.


  • IEEE 802.11 b/g.
  • Wi-Fi Certified, Cisco® Compatible(CCX) version 3 Certified.
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.11x (EAP- TTLS, LEAP, PEAP, FAST), 802.11i.
  • Multiple industrial antenna options for maximized coverage.


  • Standard: 16MB Flash memory, 32MB SDRAM, 1 Compact Flash slot.
  • Options: 1GB CompactFlash memory, multi-GB USB memory device (FAT16/FAT32 USB drivers supported).

Physical Characteristics:

  • Length: 482 mm (19.0 in).
  • Height: 238 mm (9.4 in).
  • Width: 275 mm ( 10.8 in).
  • Weight: 12.85 kg (28.4 lbs).


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