Limited Warranty for TSC Bar Code Printer and Accessories

TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd. warrants to the Customers that under normal use and service, the following products and parts purchased hereunder shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the following periods from the date of invoice to the Customer or, if the Customer is not able to provide the proof of invoice, then the date of shipment from TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd..

Products Warranty period
Printer (excluding print head & platen roller) 24 months
Print head (shipped with printer) 12 months or 1 million inches whichever comes first
Platen roller (shipped with printer) 12 months or 2 million inches whichever comes first
Automatic cutter (shipped with printer and spare part) 12 months or numbers of cuts whichever comes first
Keyboard KP-200 Plus/Smart keyboard KU-007 Plus 12 months
Scanner series (HCS200 Series) 60 months
Battery pack 12 months
Spare parts 3 months

The terms above may differ based upon different geographic regions/countries.

*Except for the linerless cutter, all TSC regular/heavy duty/care label cutters DO NOT cut on media with glue. For more details, please refer to the cutter specification in the User’s manual.

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